Optical Round Windows

optical round window

Optical round windows(wafers) are typically used to separate different physical environments when allowing beam to pass. They are designed to protect electronic sensors or other sensitive optical components from damage or overexposure to light.

Glass material: N-BK7,Fused Silica and etc

Surface Quality:80/50,60/40,10/5 (scratch&dig)

Dimension Tolerance: +0.1, -0.1mm,+0.005, -0.005mm

Clear Aperture: ≥ 90% of Diameter

Centering Tolerance : ≤3 arc min

Parrellelism: less than 3 arcmin, 1 arcmin

Coating :optional

Optical Round Windows (Uncoated)
Item numberMaterialDiameter(mm)Thiceness(mm)Surface flatnessParrelism
ORW01N-BK762入/23 arcmin
ORW03N-BK7403入/43 arcmin
ORW04JGS125.43入/23 arcsec