Roof Prisms

Roof prism

Roof prisms or Amici prisms deflect the image through an angle of 90 degrees, the image is both deflected right-to-left and top-to-bottom when passing through the prism, The hypotenuse of the prism utilizes total internal reflection (TIR) to reflect the image through the prism.

Porro prism is the simplest type of roof prism, we can also make Amici roof prism, roof penta prism, right angle roof prism and etc.

Glass material: N-BK7 and etc.

Surface Quality:60/40,40/20 (scratch&dig)

Surface flatness: λ/2@632.8 nm

Dimension tollerance:+0/-0.2mm

Angular tollerance: ±3 arcmin


Coating :optional.

Roof prisms (Uncoated)
Item numberMaterialA(mm)B(mm)h(mm)