Rhombic Prisms

Rhombic prism

Rhombic prisms are used to display a beam laterally without changing its image direction. The input beam is totally internal reflected by two 45 degree surfaces, and goes out from the output surface. Normally they used in stereoscopic range finders, height finders and etc.

Glass material: N-BK7 and etc.

Surface Quality:60/40,40/20 (scratch&dig)

Surface flatness:λ/4@632.8nm

Dimension tollerance:0/-0.2mm

Beam deviation: <30 arc seconds

Angular tollerance:<5 arc seconds


Coating :AR and etc.

Rhombic Prisms(Uncoated)
Item numberMaterialA=B(mm)C(mm)Beam deviation
PRP01N-BK757.1Less than 30 arc sec
PRP02N-BK71014.1Less than 30 arc sec
PRP03N-BK712.718Less than 30 arc sec
PRP04N-BK72028.3Less than 30 arc sec
PRP05N-BK725.435.9Less than 30 arc sec