Dove Prisms

Dove prism

Dove prism can be used to rotate, invert or retroreflect an image, this depends on its rotation angle and incident beam surface.

If you look through the prism and rotate it around a longitudinal axis, the image rotates through twice the angle trough which the dove prism itself rotates.

Glass material: N-BK7and etc.

Surface Quality:60/40,40/20 (scratch&dig)

Surface flatness: λ/8 @632.8 nm

Dimension tollerance:+0/-0.2mm

Clear Aperture: ≥ 90%

Angular tollerance:< 3 arc minutes Chamfer:0.25×45° Coating :AR and etc. [/av_tab] [av_tab title='Illustration' icon_select='no' icon='ue800' font='entypo-fontello' av_uid='av-1uoir3c']

90 degrees deflection of dove prism

180 degrees deflection of dove prism

Dove prisms (Uncoated)
Item numberMaterialModelA(mm)B(mm)h(mm)