Elliptical Mirrors

elliptical mirrors

PBL Optics’ elliptical mirrors are flat or plano mirrors with a coated elliptical surface. If  the mirror is rotated by 45° about the minor axis, the caused clear aperture is circular. Normally they are made from aluminum or UV fused silica substrates.

Available metallic coatings for elliptical mirrors or off axis ellipsoidal mirrors(reflectors):

  1. Broadband dielectric coating(400 – 750 nm or 750 – 1100 nm,45º AOI);
  2. Protected aluminum coating(450 nm – 20 µm,45º AOI);
  3. Protected silver coating(450 nm – 20 µm,45º AOI);
  4. Protected gold coating(800 nm – 20 µm,45º AOI);